Just picture it for a minute… you and your loved one sitting at a table in the middle of the bushveld, with the sun setting in the horizon, giving your skin a warm, orange glow, with the distant roar of a lion and an orchestra of crickets chirruping in the background.

When the night is dark, the sky is ignited with countless stars for you and your partner to gaze at while lying on a blanket. Can you imagine a more romantic Valentine’s date? Not convinced? Then here are 3 reasons that should change your mind.

Going back to nature will bring you two closer together

When travelling, the first thing we want to do is explore the town and see this museum and eat at that restaurant and view this statue. It’s madness at its best! Neither you nor your partner gets any quality time to sit and just be with one another, get to know one another any better. With a safari, it is just you, him or her and nature, no disturbances.

You will both get quality time to spend with each other. When things get a little too boring for your taste, you can still do loads of adventurous things, such as rock-climbing, riding in a hot air balloon and of course going on a game drive. The point is, both of you will be together without the television or any other technology separating you.

Your destination is picture perfect

For one, you can take a lot of stunning pictures with the animals and as mentioned in our little vision above, the African sunsets are spectacular. Dine beneath some of Africa’s largest trees and enjoy the peace surrounding you. Take Vamizi Island, for instance, a paradise with both a beach and bush, satisfying two preferences in one go.

It’s a calm and relaxing destination

In the mad rush of city life, you and your partner may tend to get stressed out and snap at one another. What with work, saving for a home perhaps, car insurance etc. weighing you down bickering between the two of you ensues which consequently may result in a bad break up.

Neither you nor your partner gets a chance to calm down and appreciate, rediscover one another. In the peace of the African bushveld, you will both unwind all the way down to your toes. You will shed all of those worries and feel lighter and happier again thus resulting in a very romantic holiday. The animals also tend to have a calming effect on people. Still a little tense? Then book yourself into a spa or sip some authentic Amarula Cream.

How to set up the perfect Safari date

Surprise him or her with an early morning hot air balloon ride just as the sun comes up. Float above breath taking scenes and sip champagne as you two hold onto one another.

After a delicious breakfast at your lodge, go on a game drive and if it is a little cool outside, bring a blanket and cuddle in the back of the jeep.

Set the table for dinner on your deck or somewhere outside. Be sure to set the table while it is still light out so that you dine in the African sunset. Try an authentic African meal and then the night is set.

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