Starting work in January right after the holiday can be challenging for most of us and it takes a while to get back into the groove, shake the lingering sand from the beach. Then again, it is in fact vital that everyone in a company kick off the New Year with a bang as this will set the pace for the rest of the year.

That being said, getting that productivity juices flowing within your team again is challenging, but here are some tips to help you make 2016 a productive year.

Start the year off organized

Encourage your employees to get organized from the start. Write down a work routine or alternatively start writing down what needs to get done every day. A simple checklist will help make a mountain of work look, mentally, smaller.

Ticking everything off as you are working will help with motivation since it’s better to look at what you’ve already done instead of what still needs to be done. Set clear goals for your team.

Arrange scheduled breaks

This is where the abovementioned routine comes in. This might sound counterproductive, but taking regular short breaks will actually improve your team’s concentration and keep them productive throughout the work day.

Just keep an eye so that the scheduled breaks don’t turn into thirty minute smoke breaks. The momentum still needs to be strong.

Get more exercise

Quite a few peoples’ New Year’s resolution includes losing weight along with getting more things done. Why not throw in some exercise during the work day and kill two birds with one stone?

Going on exercise breaks will help clear your mind and relieve stress. Think of putting a treadmill in the office then employees can go for a short walk while brainstorming ideas. They will feel amped and ready for the next workload.

Eliminate distractions

It is important that your team keeps all distractions to a minimum. We’re not saying you should turn into a dictator with no fun whatsoever in the office, just keep an eye on those employees who like to hang out on Facebook for hours on end or do more chatting and less working.

Still the best way to ignite productivity within your staff is setting a travel incentive. Nothing lights a fire more quickly amongst your employees than the prospect of going on a paid holiday.

Benefits of setting a travel incentive:

  • It will motivate your employees to work harder and achieve your set goals.
  • Once those goals have been achieved, you can set even higher goals and consequently increase sales and profit.
  • Travel incentives are universally appealing and can fit any budget and preference.
  • It creates a memorable experience for you and your employees to bond.


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